How to Empower Your Small Business Using Office 365

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Think big, achieve big with Office 365

Every great company you see today was once a small business. They rose through the ranks and became successful using the right tools at the right times. Microsoft’s Office 365 is such a tool. Office 365 for business grants users access to tools that can propel them to unimaginable heights.

Small businesses, from any industry, can use Office 365 to maximize their potential and empower their employees, their work methodology and their organization.

Let’s take a look at how you too can achieve the same amazing outcome using Office 365 for Small Business.

1. Revolutionize your business

Becoming stagnant is the reason for the downfall of many organizations. They can’t or won’t change with the introduction of better technology. On the other hand, a business that embraces the novel techs can revolutionize their business.

Office 365 brings with it a horde of new tools and techniques that can be used to modernize your business. The makers of this amazing office suite have considered every aspect of a small business and extended their helping hand to aid users beyond conventional Office programs.

Thanks to it, you can rest easy knowing no facet of your business is left high and dry.

2. Simple learning curve

The Office 365 package contains software and tools that people are acquainted with, especially those who have professional experience.

The package suite comes with very familiar productivity applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel. PowerPoint and other office tools. However, they are upgraded to give you more features than ever before.

And even though they have many cool new features, you can quickly familiarize with them. The same goes for all the other tools and applications available in the package.

The easy learning curve ensures that even the most non-tech savvy individual can get the hang of it rapidly.

3. Single control centre

The main goal of Office 365 for business was to reduce the complexity and the cost required to maintain such technology. With that goal in mind, they created a single hub, from which admins can take care of all users.

From the dashboard, you can set up new user’s identity & access, configure security policies as well as get the latest update for all users. This saves time and hassle for you that can be invested in your growing the business.

4. Access from anywhere, any time

Office 365 introduces unprecedented flexibility and freedom. Unlike the old days when users were bound to a single workstation, now you can access it from any place at any time.

Your license connects you to the cloud server of the Office suite. All the data from devices are synced and stored on a shared server. You can be productive regardless wherever you are.

You can access the necessary data and continue working whether you are on a PC, Laptop, Smartphone or a tablet. Which means you are never far from Office 365 so that emergency situation can be taken care of anytime.

5. Collaborate to get the job done

Expanding on the previous topic, you and your team can use Office 365 and its file-sharing capability to work together to get the job done.

Teamwork is the key to completing task efficiently and effectively.

Since all the data are stored on a cloud server, every member of your team can contribute to complete any project that is assigned to them.

The 1 TB of cloud storage gives you and your team enough space to share all your files, even with clients. Lync, an instant messaging application allows you to be connected with everyone.

6. Hold video conferences

Meetings are where decisions are made. You get the crucial information, discuss it with the team members, clients or partners and finalize the path to take.

Until now, it was usually the bigger companies who used Skype for Business to hold conferences. Office 365 has brought in the same capability to small business.

The application allows you to communicate with your team members from both offices and from off-site. You can also connect with clients and partners at a moment’s notice using multi-party HD videos and instant messaging.

With Office 365 for small business, you can conduct online meetings with up to 250 global participants.

7. Protect valuable information

Security Breach is one of the biggest fears people have about cloud storage. Since the information is stored elsewhere, people perceive it as being out of their control.

To eliminate this concern, Office 365 hands over all access to it over to you. It is you who have total control of the nature of your data, even when cancelling Office 365.

They are only there to ensure that your data is safely behind their built-in security, transparency and security protocols.  And to some extent, Office 365 can provide more security for your information than on-premise security.

8. Reduce the need for micro-management

The Microsoft Planner, which comes in along with Office 365 business package is an amazing application.

The planning application greatly reduces the need for your intervention to every task by allowing you to organize and assign tasks to the various team members.

You can create plans, assign tasks, share important files as well as communicate and work together to completes those tasks. You receive progress updates as the tasks are completed.

It frees up your time and reduces the unnecessary stress that stems from micro-management.

9. Easier client management

With Office 365’s enterprise-grade emails and calendar, client management has become a breeze. Outlook and Outlook Web Apps have made it easier to find contacts and set up meetings.

Furthermore, Microsoft has introduced several new tools to help businesses grow. For example, you can utilize Microsoft Connections to craft professional-looking marketing emails to clients.

For client management, Office 365 has Invoicing, which provide estimates and tools to hasten payment.

Wrapping Up

Office 365 has given small businesses the opportunity to grow and empower their venture. By utilizing the office suite, you can increase productivity, simplify the process and reach new heights.

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