15 Office 365 Features That You Should Know About

In the lightning speed world we populate, success, even the average kind, depends entirely on one’s productivity. Deft ability to maintain efficiency, creativity and in delivering the goods can overwhelm a person.

Stand aside.

Microsoft Office 365 is here to make its entrance and save the world.

Those familiar with the product may want to reintroduce themselves to Office 365 in case they missed some of its coolest features. They are almost a surprise gift since we never quite anticipated them nor understood how they could make our lives so much better.

The following is a list of 15 unique features of Office 365 and to not take advantage of their benefits would almost be criminal at this point.

1. SharePoint Communications

This feature is here to promote user control and management. It begins with allowing us to set up basic intranet in easy and fast steps. Afterwards, users are able to update pages and content as they wish.

This fully responsive feature also packs in a thrilling newsfeed that gives traditional newsfeeds on social media a run for their money. Moreover, you can now use SharePoint Hub Sites to collaborate with team & communication sites. This now gives further control over the sites to the end user to work with navigation, branding, logos, search schemas and news, among others.

2. Skype chat

It has been a long time coming it seems, but now the user can easily chat with people associated with the document. Additionally, the conversation is not halted once you leave the document. In fact, users can seamlessly transition into chatting on their mobile phones and other devices through Skype.

3. Side-by-side collaboration

The back and forth working method just got a whole new makeover with real-time collaboration now being added to Word and PowerPoint between users. You can observe the activities of the members and check up on changes made as it happens.

4. OneDrive Files-On Demand

A recurring problem used to be that nagging dissimilarity between the file size on your computer and what is on the cloud. Then having to access them separately was as bothersome as it gets. Now, with Files-On Demand, you can see all the files available on the computer and the cloud. Meaning, a one-stop source without having to extract from anywhere else separately. That’s pretty neat and time-efficient if you think about it.

5. Efficient file linking

Want to beat the hassle of attaching files all the time? Office 365’s business package heard you loud and clear. Upload the file to the cloud and use Outlook to link the file in the cloud. Office has an edge when it comes to this feature since those who possess the link are granted (can be altered as well) editing access.

6. Yammer: your favourite new social media platform

Business thrives on the collaborative gems you bring to the team. With Yammer, your employees have a secure space to communicate with each other. While Facebook falls under a more private category and one whose distractive abilities can take away from the output, Yammer, with its user interface quite similar to Facebook, can be limited only to those working in the company.

Users not only interact, but they engage in a friendly & professional learning environment quite hard to replicate in other virtual spaces.

7. Auto-tagging and OCR

From here onwards your OneDrive will automatically scan and tag people in pictures. That saves a lot of time from having to manually tag them one by one. Additionally, OneDrive can also scan an image for text and extract it effortlessly. It saves them and effort and reduces human error when taking information from images.

8. Turn notes into text

Your business can lose tons simply by not making the most out of notes. You can never take enough notes. Handwritten ones are easy to misplace. Keeping that mind, OneNote and its Lasso tool can help you intuitively transform your scribbles on OneNote into text.

9. Share files as a link

Files with a considerably large size are problematic to share. The upload time and the download time on the other side can be time-consuming in an era where time is money. With that in mind, OneDrive will allow the user to send a link of the file instead as a private URL. So now, you have the added security measure which is bound by strict authorization protocols.

10. Edit a PDF in Word

We need to review documents from time to time and having to edit a PDF file can be time-consuming. Even more so if you do not have Acrobat already or require taking the extra step to convert to Word, then edit and convert back to a PDF. Well, now, users can you can open the PDF file in Word, carry our revisions and edits, and later save it as a PDF or Word file. There is no greater time-efficient news you can run into today which can beat this.

11. Audio conferencing preview

This magic assist can help the user in more ways than one. Imagine having to attend a meeting but getting caught up in traffic or a delayed flight. Perhaps Skype is not an option for you or on the recipient’s side of things. Given such stringent conditions, Office 365 allows tolled dial-in, dial-out, toll-free dial-in and flexible pay-per-minute options for smooth audio conversations.

12. Clutter in Outlook

Going through your email inbox is an arduous task unto itself. Despite the many filters that come standard, there just seems to be waves of sub-par important emails to wade through. To save time, the Clutter option filters such non-essential mail and stores them in a separate Clutter folder.

It does so by learning your activities and so in the future pre-empts mail you are most likely to not read and filters accordingly. Moreover, your clutter status remains constant across multiple devices, therefore, you need not worry about repeating action once you have another device in hand.

13. Mouse as a laser pointer

Presentations are hard as it is. To have a commanding presence and convey information effectively and efficiently relies on dictating pace, information and how you carry yourself. As far as pace & information go, you need to be able to direct it and sometimes, quite literally so. Office 365 allows PowerPoint to change the cursor into a red laser-like dot. Tablet users can enjoy this too for it has been implemented on the iPad as well.

14. Smart Lookup

Constant verification and revisions are necessary to be business ready for one can never afford to make mistakes. This is why research and Google things. In the event, you have to look something up on the browser or use a dictionary, Office 365 realizes how time-consuming it can be. For that, we have Smart Lookup where the user can find things right there on Word.

15. Map conversion

Let’s not forget the might of Excel now. You can use its Power Map to turn data into images and if the data is geographic & time-based in nature, you then get a 3D map. For analysts and academics, this is a gold mine of visual information which definitely gives it an edge over features from other competitors.

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