Bit Mascot Culture

Blending Work and Creativity

When we started Bit Mascot in 2006, we decided to build a company that has a rich culture that we can feel proud of. Over the years we have built transformative products and services, but we have not lost the focus of our initial premise.

The Bit Mascot culture is based on strong values and work ethics with a lot of space for creativity and fun. We try our best to make Bit Mascot a place that develops talent and turns vision into results.

  • A team of friendly, progressive and fast-paced people
  • Passionate about latest technologies
  • Committed to creating the most effective solutions which stand the test of time

Work Environment

Bit Mascot is a great place to work for anyone with a passion for technology. We have a wide variety of skilled professionals and creative minds working together in a vibrant atmosphere. Our employees are passionate about the work they do and collaboration is an important part of our culture. Creativity is not something that we only encourage but actively seek among every single team member. If you have a talent, we will identify it, nurture it and help you discover what you can do with it. Working at Bit Mascot doesn’t feel like work, it’s a place to engage in meaningful activities, carried out by a group of driven personalities.


At Bit Mascot, we blend a lot of fun activities into our everyday routine. We arrange weekly outdoor games, regular tours and celebrate events and occasions. We believe recreation creates a stronger team spirit that encourages us all to reach greater heights.

Careers at Bit Mascot

Bit Mascot provides an exceptional opportunity to work with the latest technology and leading organisations. We are a team of passionate, innovative and collaborative people, and we are looking for the next enthusiastic member of our team. Join us so that we can develop and implement new ideas together.

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