The Pros and Cons of AI in Web Design


Technology rules the digital age. And AI is at the frontier of a new technological breakthrough. Big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, are continuously competing with each other to make new discoveries in AI.

AI is taking over all the spheres of our life, and web design is not an exception. AI is still not as advanced as designing a complex website for you. But the process of developing such high-level AIs has already begun.

And there are other aspects of web design where AI is making significant impacts. But at the same time, there are some negative issues surrounding the use of AI in this industry. We will be covering up the pros and cons regarding the use of AI in web design.


1. Enhanced User Experience

If you are running a website, your primary concern is your users because they are the potential customers. You would like your users to have a better experience on your site. AI paves the way for you. It lets you create customer-centric websites.

Companies like Amazon have used it in their favour. You just log in and find a list of potential products you might need. Just a click and you have your desired product at the desired address delivered.

Digital chatbots have enhanced the communication. If you are not providing such options, you are losing the customers. They won’t have second thought having their purpose served from elsewhere.

2. Personalized Contents

Have you ever noticed that you are automatically suggested some videos whenever you enter YouTube, and they do match your choices? How so? Ai makes the contents tailored especially for you. Not only on YouTube but such techs are also found in popular sites like Netflix, Spotify too. Doesn’t matter if it’s a video, blog or article, AI is working relentlessly to make things comfortable for you. Thanks to AI.

It is predicted that AI will create things like Billboard Hot 100 songs, New York Times bestseller etc. in the near future. If AI can change the design of a website based on the personal traits of an user, that will be just fantastic.

3. Voice Search

Voice Search is growing pretty fast. People use mobile devices more than desktop nowadays. With that, voice search will rise too. It is expected that over 50 per cent of searches will come over voice by the next few years and AI is going to help you optimise your site for voice search. It is expected that the voice bots will be able to find customers what they are looking for irrespective of their language in the coming days.


1. Replacing Humans

Since AI has been able to do so much of human’s work, doesn’t it come to mind that if it will be able to replace the humans in the coming days? Well, that is expected. People are already losing jobs because of a lot of things being handled by AI.

Since Ai has been doing it better, there is already no use of humans in some places.  But will it be able to design websites and mobile apps with the same efficiency as humans? Till now, despite AI handling things, you need to know to code.

There are some AI powered website builders, but it is hard to predict if it will completely replace humans web designers.  We may assume that the need for creativity will still be there. Still, AI will surely take a large part of the web design process away from human workers.

2. Privacy Concern

AI is being used for monitoring human behaviour and patterns. Websites these days use AI to understand the preference of their customers and show customised contents. This might make the customers feel uneasy and concerned about their privacy.

Customers like to have a transparent relationship with the company. But it is not possible to completely remove AI form modern websites either. So a balance needs to be kept between these two which should be pretty challenging.

3. Impersonal Interactions

Even in this digital age, some users still want human responses. No matter how good your chatbot or automated responses are, customers will always identify that’s been done by AI. Same will be true for a website designed by AI.


There are both Pros and Cons of AI in web design, but there are undoubtedly more benefits. It has so far taken us to a new height but only when combined with the human imagination and creativity. And human creativity will always be of value.

So, it is better to take the benefits of AI in web design and all other spheres of life and handle a few things by human beings in the old fashioned way to get the best of results.

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