Microsoft Azure

Those familiar with Microsoft Azure have remained dedicated users for its integrated and diverse features. You need only ask yourself what you require to host: backend database, front facing website and file storage location.

Ohornish Cloud identifies itself as cloud-first company. We help secure and deliver the right Azure platform for you. We cover all bases: initial development, Azure migration and support. Moreover, our efficient IT services are cost-competitive, user friendly and business forward.

    What can Azure do for you?

  • Server Upgrade
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • Identity & Access

Why Azure?


The Azure system is almost elastic-like in the way it envelops your business needs, the way you would like. A traditional physical data center could not perform at this high versatile level. Here, you can expect the capability to master and lead Windows & Linux virtual machines, Azure SQL servers and any and all infrastructure systems you require. Adaptability and improvisation to ease your server space usage remain at the height of its duties.


Microsoft Azure continues to be the number #1 choice in the industry for its cost effectiveness and high ROI values. There are multiple affordable payment options such as pay-as-you-go and utility pricing which replace archaic on-premises server maintenance and its high expenses. We belief in services where you pay for only what you use; no more, no less.


Reliability is right up there with other core values held closely by Azure. This explains their 99.95% guaranteed uptime SLA, ensuring data availability in the cloud whenever you require it. Furthermore, a public internet access is replaced by a private, secure and authorized one.

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