We are sure your employees are hardworking and sincere. Yet, monitoring their computer activities is essential for better productivity, proper work environment, and safeguarding the intellectual properties of your business.

Activity Monitor lets you monitor the computers of your employee. However, it’s a lot more than just a screen recording tool.

Here is an overview of how it works:

Key Features of Activity Monitor

By using Activity Monitor you can:

  • Watch all computers in the network live from your own PC without slowing down anything
  • Record emails and chats
  • Record keystrokes in real time
  • Schedule screen captures
  • Track websites visited by each employee
  • Track attendance
  • Track file exchanges
  • Track application usage
  • Generate reports which may provide many useful analytics and insights (for example, top visited website in the company)

Activity Monitor gives you the total control of your company activities without any operational overhead. It lets you prevent disasters before they can happen. Also, when something goes wrong, it lets you find the wrongdoers with evidence.

The program has a server-side application and a client-side application. The client-side application can be installed remotely on any computer in your local network. Active Monitor is practically invisible to the end-users. So, they won’t notice it running in the background.

Want to give Active Monitor a try? Please email sales@bitmascot.com for more details.